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Every organization experiences challenges – providing value to customers, leading and managing effectively, culture issues, employee productivity, results – you name it. Leaders look for solutions and try the newest ideas in hopes of solving the problem or changing the culture. Sometimes a “flavor of the month” mentality is created when it comes to results and lasting change. Many times the solutions that are put into place don’t address the real issues, are not flexible, are not sustainable, or all three. Leaders and managers don’t always take the time to really identify what is holding them back, what keeps teams from learning and growing, what keeps individuals entangled in learned helplessness. The purpose of the team’s work and the guiding principles that make it come to life gets lost or is sometimes never on the radar. Finding lasting and flexible solutions to these problems does not have to be chaotic, toxic or overly turbulent. There is a way to accomplish the things that build our organizations up without exhausting or dragging everyone down. Truly understanding the dynamics that exist on your teams and in your culture, and putting proper supports in place that are authentic, simple and flexible, can transform your teams’ results.

SparkPoint specializes in helping you to create a proactive and productive workplace culture. All teams, departments and organizations occasionally experience challenges communicating effectively with one another, getting things done, problem solving, handling conflict, and creating an accountable and psychologically safe environment. We help you to hit the “reset” button on your organization’s culture to drive the results you want, to choose how you want to be, and to have the life of your organization be fully purpose-driven.

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