SparkPoint specializes in helping you to create a proactive and productive Workplace Culture. All teams, departments and organizations occasionally experience challenges communicating effectively with one another, problem solving, handling conflict, and creating an accountable and psychological safe environment. Our expertise is in identifying and diagnosing where the specific barriers are, and in working with individuals, teams, leaders and departments to move past those barriers to create a new, more proactive and productive work environment that sets everyone up for success.

We are capable of so much more than we think we are sometimes. But we all need a little help, a little boost, a little bridge to help us get to the next level. That’s where we come in.

Are you:

Experiencing conflict on your team?

Unable to communicate effectively and professionally amongst team members or across the organization?

In a hostile environment?

Frustrated with the challenges of leading and/or managing a team, or certain personalities on a team?

Stalled or stuck by a lack of accountability?

Certain you will never be able to work with someone or a department?

Seemingly unable to get your viewpoint acknowledged or addressed?

Unnerved by the political landscape of your team, department or organization?

Uncertain or unsure what environment you will come into when you enter the office each day? Or, perhaps you know what the environment will be and you dread it?

“Walking on eggshells” with your team or your leader?

Experiencing high turnover?

Experiencing low employee morale?

These are just a few examples of challenging situations we work with teams to solve. We do know this – most people have the best of intentions and want to do a good job. We use powerful strategies to help you and your teams to fully realize your potential, and create an environment where you want to be. We help you to address the challenges that are holding you back, and guide you through strategies to remove those hold-ups and create a new, more productive “normal”.